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Fast, Easy, and Cheap Continuing Education

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Courses starting at $2.97 / CE Hour

If You Are an Existing Customer

Welcome to our new platform!! If you are an existing user, all you need to do is reset your password using your email on file. 


Please know that any information that was stored in your original account on the old platform will not be visible in your new account.  No need to panic!  If you need any old materials (courses, completion certificates, 50% off renewal codes), simply fill out a contact form and we will promptly provide you with everything you need. For immediate assistance, you can also call us 330-705-6989.


While we know this poses a slight inconvenience, we think it’s worth it!  

About Us

Who is Project Solutions?  So glad you asked.

Our treatment agency was established in 2005, specializing in jail alternative programs and outpatient counseling. Our holistic approach to treatment has evolved over the years, incorporating innovative strategies like mindfulness to facilitate meaningful and lasting changes in behavior. 


Our Instant CE program also started around 2005, after our staff had grown tired of the boring professional trainings that had become the norm. Our agency began to offer a few local trainings that ended up being more like an entertaining show! Soon the phone began to ring off the hook with requests for more trainings, and so our Instant CE Program was born. Many of our home study courses are spin-offs of our popular live presentations and aim to be equally entertaining. Although our programming has grown and expanded (ebooks, audiobooks, webinars, etc.), we pledge to always remain small enough to control the quality of our products (pinky swear).

Quality over quantity.

Just like your favorite book that sits on your bedside table, our courses are meant to be comprehensive, timeless, and worth reading again. Our CE Blog, on the other hand, is utilized for trending content including new innovations and hot topics that you might see in the news.


Why Instant CE


Our agency strives to create coursework that is both interesting and relevant. Our trainings are designed to teach new and innovative material to licensed professionals without the use of boring textbooks.


Our Ebooks and audiobooks tackle interesting topics while offering the convenience of a home study course. Listen or read anywhere, on any device! Your online account will store all your course materials and completion certificates for easy access year after year.


We understand how renewal deadlines can sneak up on you (been there, done that). That’s why our Instant CE courses are… “instant”! As soon as you pass the online test, your completion certificate will be available for immediate download.


The more you buy, the more you save!  Save 50% at renewal when you re-take any previously

completed course or bundle. Simply log in to your account to re-purchase any course and apply your renewal coupon! So easy!



Create an online account at This account is a convenient place where all your courses, tests, and certificates are stored; providing you with easy access to all your materials.


Read that beautiful Ebook or turn up that audiobook; while you’re at your desk, on the treadmill, or sitting in traffic. Work at your own pace. Log in and pick up where you left off. FYI: We highly suggest you review the pre-test because it looks a lot like the post-test!!!


When you are ready, log in to your account and complete the online test. Test questions are multiple-choice or true/false. Test scores are instantly displayed; a score of 70% or higher is a passing grade. Test questions come directly from the materials (ridiculously simple)!!! 


After passing the online test, your completion certificate will be available for immediate download. All certificates will be stored in your online account for easy access, year after year.

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