Find Your Happy

Living a happy life is really our most important life's work.

While our clients are diverse in many ways, underneath all the presenting problems, precipitating events, hurt, and dysfunction is a very similar and consistent yearning to find fulfillment. The truth is, everyone is on a quest to discover more happiness; clients, friends, neighbors, co-workers, family (and counselors too!). And yet, few people know how to get there. We all want to live an elevated life, where we experience a deep SOULFUL REVOLUTION, understand our PURPOSE, live with INTENT, and GET OUR "HAPPY" ON! And as a counselor, we want our clients to be happier leaving therapy, then when they came in.


​Kelly McClintock's journey to becoming a "happiness expert" started in one of the most unhappy places on earth—the jail. As a jail-based therapist, Kelly worked with thousands of incarcerated individuals who knew the meaning of "rock bottom", sadness, and despair; providing her a unique view of the profound human desire for happiness. Kelly realized that everyone seemed to be on a quest to discover more happiness; clients, friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. And then in early 2014, it was she who was on a mission to escape the darkness that had suddenly engulfed her life. As the 2nd and 3rd opinions confirmed the news of a life-threatening diagnosis, she wondered if she would ever feel joy again. 


Find Your Happy is a no frills, cut to the chase (30 keys in 150 pages), comprehensive guide to happiness. Not the kind of fleeting happiness that comes with a joyful event (you get a new bike for Christmas, score a touchdown, get a date with your crush) -most everyone experiences these. This book is about living an elevated life. A higher consciousness. A soulful awakening, where happiness and fulfillment are mainstays.


This book is as much for the counseling professional, as it is for the clients they serve!


This course outlines a holistic approach to wellness and includes information on meditation, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral strategies, stress reduction, nutrition, etc. Content applicable for prevention professionals and practitioners of all levels. This course applies to various client populations (i.e., addiction, mental health, etc.) and is relevant for services provided in a variety of settings (clinics, shelters, jails, etc.).


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