Find Your Happy

Living a happy life is really our most important life's work.

Truth is, everyone is on a quest to discover more happiness; clients, friends, neighbors, co-workers, family (and counselors too!). And yet, few people know how to get there. We all want to lead an elevated life, where we experience a deep SOULFUL REVOLUTION, understand our PURPOSE, live with INTENT, and GET OUR “HAPPY” ON!

Find Your Happy is a no-frills, cut to the chase (32 keys in less than 100 pages), comprehensive guide to happiness. Not the kind of fleeting happiness that comes with a joyful event (you get a new bike for Christmas, score a touchdown, get a date with your crush) -most everyone experiences these. This book is about living an elevated life. A higher consciousness. A soulful awakening, where happiness and fulfillment are mainstays.


This book is as much for the counseling professional, as it is for the clients they serve!

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