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What’s the difference between CEU’s, CLE’s, & CE?

CEU's are Continuing Education Units

CLE’s are Continuing Legal Education.

CE is a term that broadly refers to all Continuing Education.


Do I have to create an account to purchase CE's?

Yes, but we make it easy.


You can create an account using LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook. This account will store all your courses/tests in one convenient location; making it easy to track/access your CE's, work at your own pace, and pick up where you left off.


Are there any discounts for CE’s?

We offer huge (50%) discounts to repeat customers. 

When your renewal rolls around, you can retake any course/bundle for half price. Simply log in and apply your renewal coupon.

Why does the course I want list two different prices?

All courses list both the initial price and the renewal price. Save 50% at renewal when you re-take any previously completed course or bundle. Simply log in to your account to re-purchase any course and apply your renewal coupon! So easy!


Is the course I want available in all formats (Ebook, audio, etc.)?

Probably not :(

We currently offer all courses in an Ebook format. We are continuously working to improve our courses and make them available in various formats.

How do you recommend I take the course; live, ebook, audiobook?

It’s up to you & what suits you best!

  • Live trainings/Webinars - Of course, there is nothing like a live Project Solutions Training!  Project Solutions has become known for its unique, humorous, highly entertaining live trainings and CE workshops. But, we can only do so many live trainings/webinars per year—and at limited locations.

  • Webinar - Due to the popularity of our live trainings and limited event dates, we have taken our popular live training topics and made them more widely available webinar courses. 

  • Ebook - enjoy reading one of our digital workbooks (anywhere/on any device) or for those of you who still like a book in your hand... Print it out.

  • Audiobook - our most flexible training format allows you to listen almost anywhere (at your desk, in your car, on the treadmill, etc.) on almost any device (computer, iPod, etc.).


How do I get my CE completion certificate? What if I am close to my deadline and need my CE certificate right away?

Don’t panic. Completion certificates are available for immediate download (after passing the test - of course!).


How do I pay for my continuing education course?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. You may also checkout using PayPal. 


Can I purchase multiple courses at once?

As of now, customers can only purchase one course at a time. This feature is for your convenience as it eliminates confusion and mis-purchases. We are considering adding a shopping cart feature in the future.

What score do I need on the test to pass?

A score of 70% or higher is required to pass the test.


What if I fail the test?

Relax! Tests are easy to take and the questions are taken directly from the course material. If you happen to fail the test, you can retake it (for free) as many times as it takes to get that magical certificate.


How long do I have to complete my course?

Generally 6 months. If you need additional time, contact us.


Are the courses approved by my board?

Refer to the Board Approvals page

If you have any further questions contact our office at 330-705-6989 or check with your individual board to see whether a specific course will apply.

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