Clinical Supervision

So what makes a truly GREAT supervisor?

​Many people ask themselves this question upon getting promoted. 

We all know what it's like to be a frontline staff person and we all know that the frontline people often spend their lunch break complaining about their horrible boss.


Nobody wants to be an average supervisor. We all want to be GREAT supervisors. The kind of supervisor who leads effortlessly, inspires subordinates to work hard, makes the tough decisions look easy, is calm under pressure, and is never the subject of the lunchtime banter. The kind of supervisor that is capable of teaching valuable clinical skills to their staff and is trusted by their subordinates. 


But, is all of this even possible??? And if so, how?

This course will teach how to be a terrific, wonderful, excellent, groovy, effective, cool-as-a-cucumber, grand, skillful, distinguished, talented, incredible, show-stopping (yet humble) supervisor.

Clinical Supervision


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