You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Ever wonder how to ignite client insight, desire, motivation, & goal achievement?  Then roll up your sleeves and grab a copy of this course.​ 


Counselors long to see clients implement meaningful changes in their lives that will result in increased happiness.  Prevention experts hope that their clients will enthusiastically embrace low-risk behaviors.  Medical doctors want their patients to truly commit to a wellness program that includes a healthy diet, daily exercise, and adequate rest.  And, wives want to infuse their husbands with the desire to cut the grass, take out the garbage, and give them a spousal foot massage without uttering a complaint.  Ahh, yes…..if only we could bottle “true desire’. 


It turns out that "desire" can indeed be cultivated.  This course outlines counseling strategies that help clients to develop intrinsic desire to reach goals, motivation to live with purpose, and the skills to lead a balanced life. These techniques are effective and applicable within various clinical settings (social service, addiction, mental health, criminal justice, etc.).

You Can Lead a Horse to Water


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