Your Butt is in My Sacred Chair

What counseling techniques really work?


Do you remember when you were in college and you envisioned how you were going to be a rock star practitioner?  Do you remember feeling unbridled enthusiasm for your future profession?  You were gonna inspire droves of people, change lives, and save the world.  This typical social-working mentality is both noble and refreshing.  But unfortunately, this zest is eventually introduced to the realities of the real world.  And the truth is, outcomes in our line of work (social service, behavioral health, etc.) are generally pretty grim. 


This course is a comprehensive guide to what really works in treatment-and what doesn't work so well. Learn about “the sacred chair" concept and the importance of utilizing a holistic approach to wellness.  This training will provide you the tools to implement more integrative, holistic, and innovative treatment practices.  Course content applicable within various clinical settings (social service, addiction, mental health, criminal justice, etc.). 

Your Butt is in My Sacred Chair


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