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The Secret to Meaningful Relationships

Most clients lack healthy relationships. Let's face it; many professionals also struggle in the relationship department. 


The fact is, relationships are tough! Dr. William Glasser famously contended that most human problems stem from unhappy relationships. Today, the vast majority of clinicians continue to acknowledge that relationship issues are a central concern for most of their clients. Additionally, the correlation between healthy relationships and client success in treatment (and prevention) programs is indisputable. Therefore, it is imperative that clients are provided the tools to create healthy bonds, form fulfilling relationships, and heal broken unions.


This course will help unravel the complex nature of relationships and will provide 20 guidelines designed to assist clients in establishing functional relationships. These guidelines are a valuable prevention or intervention tool that can be used for one on one conversation, a didactic presentation, or role playing exercises. 


This course is appropriate for practitioners of all levels, including prevention. Course content applies to various client populations (i.e., addiction, mental health, etc.) and is relevant for services provided in a variety of settings (clinics, shelters, jails, etc.).

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Certification Information

This Training is approved by:

  • Illinois (IAODAPCA) #16190 (Counselor II, Preventionist II, CARS II, CODP II, PCGC II, CCJP II, CRSS II, CPRS II, MAATP II, NCRS II, CFPP II).

  • National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) #159507.

  • Ohio (OCDP) #50-19114 Content Area P2, C5.

  • This training is provided under New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) Education and Training Provider certification number 1194. Training under a New York State OASAS provider certification is acceptable for meeting all or part of CASAC/CPP/CPS education and training requirements. This training approved for; Initial credentialing, 10 clock hours CPP/CPS. Renewal, 10 clock hours CASAC/CPP/CPS.

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