*Please note: This course is only approved in the state of Ohio, but will be coming soon in other states.

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Vaping: The Ultimate Guide

This course begins by covering the basics of vaping (vape devices, vape oils, where to buy, age limits, etc.).  This course goes on to discuss the vaping craze amongst our nation's youth, the targeting of youth, addictive properties, marketing strategies, health risks, and unconventional uses. It also explores the social aspects that make vaping so popular and why these devices are no longer considered cigarette cessation devices. This book is an excellent tool for parents, teachers, counselors, etc.


Course discusses:

  • What is Vaping?

  • Vape Devices, Oils, Etc.

  • Vaping Illicit Drugs

  • Addictive Properties of Vaping

  • Health Risks of Vaping

  • The Vape Craze; Targeting Youth

  • A Call to Action


This course is appropriate for practitioners of all levels. Course content applies to various client populations (i.e., addiction, mental health, etc.) and is relevant for services provided in a variety of settings (clinics, shelters, jails, etc.).

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